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July 2015

I've built a new website! Maybe you remember the old one, but I hope you don't. I'll be posting new updates on here, my latest work, and soon I'll even be releasing short stories (possibly something even longer).

2015 has been an exciting year so far for my cinematic work. I've had the priviledge of working for Heidelberg International School in creating a short documentary that showcases their unique approach to education. As I'm still living in Germany, it was great finding work so close to home.

However, by far the most exciting project on my plate is Dominik Baer's upcoming cinematic EP, On Our Own. You'll be able to be part of that official release in the fall.

One of my ideas for the new website is to gather and post stories from anyone who would like to participate and has something they think is worth sharing. It could be any number of mediums whether it's something you've written and sent to me, an audio podcast that we collaborate on, or even a film you'd like to make with me.

That wraps up the Summer 2015 update, but make sure you check back to see everything new that will be going up!

July 2015

Jonathan Cooper was born in Lucknow, India in 1987. He spent his childhood in central Asia as the eldest son of a missionary family. Growing up in Afghanistan, electricity was only on for a few hours every four days. So Jonathan read a lot. He started with Tolkien and Lewis, then branched out in many directions including Westerns by Louis L’Amour. This is where his passion for storytelling evolved.

When he was 18, Jonathan moved to the western world for the first time. There he learned how to use an ATM, write checks, and communicate with women. He studied Film and Television in college. He sees life as an adventure, giving him feelings, ideas, and stories to share with the world.

Jonathan taught Chuck Norris how to read. He’s been head to head with a bear… and survived. He likes his coffee extra black. His home is where his family is. He wants you to read and watch his work, even if you don’t buy it.